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released December 20, 2012



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The Soundrops Poznań, Poland

formed in 1999 by the former members of The Round Triangle (ger and paf) along with sister Mrll, gained some local recognition through their acoustic versions of songs by Armia in 2004, since 2006 have released online 20 self-written albums recorded in the kitchen; good job, folks! good job, pastoralrocks! ... more

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Track Name: The Wastes of Loneliness (Since She's Gone)
I think about a place
in the city of my dreams
in the country of my hopes
that`s the place where she has gone

sunlight on the mountains shows her
picture in the sky
did she have to go away
why did she not want to stay

you cannot feel the way I do
`cos you`ve never seen the girl I have lost
and you`ll never count the holes that I`ve fallen in
since she`s gone

it was the time when I was a man of success
but she`s left for me
only wastes of loneliness

so though behind my window there`s a beautiful day
the sun`s shining high, the birds are flying low
inside of my room
there`s still a night of stone
since she`s gone

the words that she said still remain in my head
and still I feel these warm hands on my face
I`ve nowhere to go
and nobody to phone
since she`s gone

I don`t want to forget this girl
don`t want to find the next
so I can only walk across
my wastes of loneliness
Track Name: Calm Narrow Street (Mellotron Mix)
calm narrow street
winds between the trees
with a hundred houses
in one of them

time`s flowing on
leaves fall down from oaks
into quiet gardens
in one of them

dear lovely girl showing her face to the sun
dear crystal eyes bringing the smiles to the sky
silent voice ringing louder than mine
is it only a dream
that she`ll give a smile to me

calm narrow street
runs just like a stream

calm narrow street
prelude of heaven
Track Name: Today
I've found my own way
I've gone to wonder
needn't remember me
forget me
Track Name: Puma muma
Была зима
был холод снег
пришла весна
и снега нет

цветы цветут
птички пают
в лес и в поле
нас завуууут!
Track Name: The Krzysztof Grot Band - Dixit pik
widziałem drzewo
w ramionach psa
na skraj przepaści
znów pędzi świat

ponure gwiazdy
spadły na dach
po falach rzeki
znów pędzi wiatr

kosmos jest tam gdzie był
czeka we mgle
moje sny opadły z sił
uratuj mnie

zamokła droga
znowu jest tu
a mnie powstrzymał
golem ze snu

cząsteczka Higgsa
hadron i ja
po falach rzeki
miota nas wiatr

kosmos był tam gdzie jest
czekam we mgle
moje coś, dziwny gest
pamiętaj mnie
Track Name: La Glorieta - De que color es tu suchetador?
De que color es tu suchetador
Everyone has the right to know
So c'mon and let it show!

Yes, I'm a man and I can't tell torquoise
I'm interested in all that you hide
the first step I'll take just to know you some more
de que color es tu suchetador

(repeat chorus)

la kłuta rana is everywhere
los guapo sex just keep me undead
the mystical secret I do want to know
de que color es tu suchetador

(repeat chorus)

Days seem a burden but nights are so light
So my sweet babe let's turn off the light
but before our senses render us blind
de que color es tu suchetador

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: The Way Will Find You Love (Travellling Eternity Road Version)
go on
upwards and never look down
southwards and seldom look north

this way will lead you to love
and He`ll answer your calls

you`ll find the love
going this Way up
led by the Truth
happy to praise the

and Son-how you`ll conquer the slope
she will be waiting atop
by Him Who had stepped steep roads
yoked more than you ever were

you`ll find the love
you`ll find the love
this Way
Track Name: TV Lorien (Travelling Eternity Road Version)
TV Lorien
mirror of Galadriel
channel 77
crystal water screen

TV Lorien
broadcast though the elves are all gone
LIVE the beauty there is
digital visions of hope

the gate of the black sky full of stars
will you open up
show more beauty and show more space
to walk
to see

TV Lorien
the BBC Angelish
see the horizons sport
watch the four seasons news
Track Name: The Soundrops (feat. Smok) - Suddenly the Sun
suddenly the sun
out of this world
a change has come at last
suddenly the word
I never heard
enough to make me move

the cloak of the sky
the cloak of the glass
I see through at last
the kingdom has come

the train out again
the nights reached the end
and nothing's the same
although all remains

the ring is cast
the plain is high
the spring has come
the darkness ran dry

suddenly the sun
forgotten hope
a smile
unmouthed for good

suddenly the word
I forgot to expect
amidst my heart
the light broke through
Track Name: Twelve Days Into
can I sleep beside your feet and hear your blood hiss
carrying the CO2 there up
can I gather freckles from your cheeks some day
and scatter it among the stars surprised?

I may be versed in your eyes, that`s all
don`t want to read in your heart
I may be tasting your thoughts a bit
don`t want to lie on your mind

what love is I never knew and know still less
maybe you could give a hint ahead
don`t know quite what I should do tomorrow evening
after I have worked for you

but it is good, don`t want to be sure
don`t want to be self-assured
yes it is good can you lead me on
don`t want to grow big at all

thank you, it is hard to bear my dogged comments
listen to them and forget at once
I don`t want your feeling, I do want your love
after I have learnt to love

build on what you`ve begun
don`t be afraid at all
if we are meant to love
we`ll endure all
so let`s rejoice
let`s rejoice
Track Name: Morn of Plenty (Mellotron Version)
take your time and slowly and let it grow
you have done so much I can hardly thank
mind your steps and don`t let one pine cone pass unseen

take your eye around, heart won`t mar your sight
let your hand just stay where it lies so green
I don`t know at all but we`ve got some mighty help

out of Mirkwood
space and dawn
morn of plenty
horn of hope

there`s so much I guess I could say to you
but it`s flat and you`re not fond of words too strong
as for me that`s it, tell me when we meet again

enter password
sure it`s love
see in wonder
See of Rome
Track Name: Towards (Mellotron Mix)
no, it can`t be one more false
February`s warmth
strain your heart to feel the first
February green
everything ahead
everything so vast and quiet
I am open to it all
I am open for it all
`cos at last I`m able just to rejoice the spring

no, it can`t be one more false
flash before the dawn
I won`t lose what I have gained
through those tears and falls
everything ahead and clear
`cos based only on Him
only in Love
I`m ready to be
I am ready to love
but I am also prepared to suffer on
I will do well

warm stones of March
the stretching dawn
they call to seek still beyond
the King of Springs
the Ruler of Bloom
the Master of me-and-you
there will we go
there will we go
there on to Him