The Larch (EP)

by The Soundrops

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released January 1, 2011



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The Soundrops Poznań, Poland

formed in 1999 by the former members of The Round Triangle (ger and paf) along with sister Mrll, gained some local recognition through their acoustic versions of songs by Armia in 2004, since 2006 have released online 20 self-written albums recorded in the kitchen; good job, folks! good job, pastoralrocks! ... more

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Track Name: May I?
may I go in without a knock
your room is so dark
your heart is so large
I think there is the space enough to place
my little me
may I go in

may I play on my simple songs
your days are so short
your evenings so calm
I think there ia sa chance to fill them with
my gentle chords
may I play on?

and may I show you where light is
you`re counting the stars
and you leave out the largest one
I think there is a chance to make you see
the way to look
so may I show
may I show
Track Name: When Evening Falls
you know at night it is not so bad
some star you can think of
even if it sparkles behind a cloud
some light you can follow too
you can swim between the arms of darkness
but when the evening falls, something's wrong
first light fall, grey afterglow
darkened thoughts and all that
'cos this is not the night yet
still there is the coming morning
to remember about
but have you deserved to survive?
Track Name: The Selfsame Chords
so don`t expect me to transmute the way I sing
the chords I play will be the streams meandering around
to freshen your mind
to show your heart ways to love
you`ll go back
you`ll go back

for something`s hanging still above the bench we sat
for something doesn`t let tears vanish in the sand
for something makes me blind
can`t see another rhyme

you`ll find me waiting at your door
you`ll find me searching for your love

you`ll surely drown in doubt if you stay alone
I`ll surely drown in tears if you just keep on passing by
in place the heart can`t move you must try with mind
to go back
to go back

just let the seed I sowed awake inside your soul
just let the song I sing still ring between your ears
and if you feel it`s coming back
don`t look too far

you`ll find me waiting at your door
you`ll find me searching for your love
Track Name: The Larch
the hill could be easily climbed
by a little child
but in an unknown strange way
in an unknown strange way
everyone decides to pass

invariability frightens
that`s why they turn around
shadows of the sweetness
cannot save but remain

and the larch
on the hill
keeps its green
on the needles
on and on
darkened green
of overripe past
share its shadows if you want
share its branches
reach the top
but if you found
Lady Pine

this love could be always caught
even by a worm
but in an unknown strange way
in an unknown strange way
everyone decides to laugh
Track Name: The First Day of Spring (Mellotron Version)
the first day of springtime lies slowly down
with new awoken grass and sun
mist in the forest
mill by the water
greening glade

the first day of springtime dawns over hills
last winter pools are sanding out
small stones are drowning
dance on the water
she is here

blow the curtain
off your face

open your eyes
open your eyes

she lifts her naked hands up to skies
Lord, thank You for these pearly eyes
spring of my feeling
touch of the warm wind
start to run
love grows
love shines

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