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released February 2, 2009



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The Soundrops Poznań, Poland

formed in 1999 by the former members of The Round Triangle (ger and paf) along with sister Mrll, gained some local recognition through their acoustic versions of songs by Armia in 2004, since 2006 have released online 20 self-written albums recorded in the kitchen; good job, folks! good job, pastoralrocks! ... more

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Track Name: Discovery (Part One)
don`t you know the nights are to steal
don`t you know the wars are to kill
Track Name: It's Us Again
it`s us again
forgotten friends
at last
we have found you in our dreams

hey girls
we hope you know
you understand
our love
is still strong, it will not fall

and we are only counting sleepy hours
we only know the days are passing by
but please tell us
how long we can live only in memories

you`re far
you laugh at us
and smile to others
you`ll see
you`ll be ours in the end
Track Name: Return
let all the triangles ring
let all the choirs sing
she`s coming back from far and secret land
let us forget the pain
let only love remain
it`s come the time to start again

you could not imagine how it hurt
to be alone through all these days
now the solitude is over
let`s look at the brighter side of life, yeh
now we can find
the warmth of sunlight

let all the people laugh
let dawn uncover paths
she`s coming back from far and secret land
let us forget the pain
let only love ramain
now it`s come the time to start again
Track Name: She Agreed On Bed
I saw her
and I touched her
she agreed on bed
but her parents said
not yet
Track Name: The Channel of Relief
in a wooden boat with silver oars
he went sailing down the waves of love
and the wind was rather strong
she was waiting by the sea
but he flowed into the channel of relief

and the tired river passing by
seemed to sigh under the morning sky
she was waiting on and on
on an insensible stone
he just flowed into the channel of relief

at the bay
a lovely girl with rainbow face
like a mermaid or a snake to bring forgiven fruit
who will know corners of the human soul
reasons why he let love flow away
tears on the water

and the river`s flowing even now
and the channel is long disappeared
and the two did turn to dust
and the oars are fighting rust
and the girl still waits
Track Name: Sad Today
I`m very sad
`coz I have lost my girl
I lost my girl rili
and it is tradgedy

I`m very loneli
(I dance?) oh no, oh no!
why did you go go go?
oh baby long delong

I`m very sad today
it is not a good day
it is dramatic day
I chyba lost my girl
Track Name: Private Life
I`m a dog
licking your shoes to be loved
call and I will run
for the bone that you have thrown
carry on
eating mud under your feet
if you`ve dirty hands
you can clean them against my hair

here I am standing before you
flash of past in the eyes of a seer
knive! dry the tears in my ears
or take my hands and don`t disappear

I don`t care of your sun or your rain
here I`ll stand again and again
knive, dry the tears in my ears
or take my hands and don`t disappear
Track Name: Paul e Greux
piłkarze nr 3 i 4
skracajo pole gry
lecz mały kotek wbieg
na boisko yeyeye

chłopcy w piłkę grają

rzut wolny na 102
tak dziś się w piłkę gra
lecz wielkie mocarstwa
please nie zrzucajcie bąb

chłopcy w piłkę grają
Track Name: I'm Away King
I`m awaking
I`m awaking
I`m awaking from the darkness
I`m awaking from the hell
and the stone there in my door is going to crumble
I`m awaking for she`s coming
heard her voice and soon she`s here
and the roses start to feel
the same good water
getting up because she`s coming
and she cannot see me down
and the sun starts to run the same good way
yes I know the road is long
but we will reach the peace we left
once we could not stay in there
this time we`ll do
I`m awaking to the new time
I`m awaking for she comes
and remember
all the time you never know
you never know
you never know
you knever no
Track Name: The Very Word
is it possible today to make it ring as a bell
when it is so often spat
so much misused
oh how it hurts that words do not mean

am I able to convince you
that I got the meaning right
that I`ve changed
while my old picture in your brain
is telling something else
something else

oh you know the word is love
just ignore if you think I am wrong
just ignore if you think I am right
I just want to tell you
let it ring as a bell
let it soar as a bird
to the Lord
who might fill it with His Word

is it possible today to make it beam all around
while it is soft open screamed as a demand
oh how it hurts when words mean too much

am I able to convince you
that I got the meaning right
that I`ve learnt
why my old feelings in your brain
are burning with your fear
with your fear

...is it possible today to make it real...
Track Name: The Pyramid of Light
a shining pyramid
`cos you are my sun
and your sun is God
you`re the climbing bridge
you are bringing me near the real Sun
near the realm of Love

warm as you rise and enchant as you set
and I will shine with your light
in the dark of my nights

there are quite a few days
while the moon still shines though the small sun`s high
that`s when I can learn
all the love you take from the loving hands
thank you for these days

never forget you must not waste away
your light of His I reflect to all my satelites

oh how much He can teach
by your earthly beams
by your earthly lips
don`t you be afraid
the proportion`s kept
I will never take
you for more than His moon, my sun
Track Name: Yes Yes No No
yes yes no no
there is nothing in between
truth truth lie lie
over under
clarity insanity

don`t you make it difficult
just keep up with the rhythm
of the letters in the Scriptures

white white black black
holy evil
high and low
good good bad bad
love indifference
clarity insanity

don`t you make it
don`t mingle your decora
do not make good taste sour

yes yes no no
there is nothing in between
needed needless
worthy worthless
clarity insanity

don`t soften rocks
don`t lower skies
don`t doubt the revealed
Track Name: The Schwarzwald Diary
time down wait for calm
stay pray and enlarge
sit and sit

green, drown in the wood
black forest of dawn
you`re in love
He`s in

life love take your time
grasp tell give your time
9 10 right
Track Name: The Answer
you can send me aerial kisses
to confuse me
you can try to build some channels of relief
you can woo woo me
feigning to add a part to the harmony
but my answer`s still the same
ask my will
about the state of growing still
she`s still the same
she`ll always be

our love is ripe
and purified from all the dreaming
we love even more
when these little details do not fit
so if you claim you`ll make my world
halcyon forever
then my answer`s still the same
ask my will
about the state of growing still
she`s still the same
she always will

all my steps wise cause supervised
all my hours ours and not mine
with our will we fill what we don`t feel
trying to reach the City on the hill
Track Name: Przemija trzas
jestem ja dawnym kolegą
Pawła Kuźmiaka, jeszcze z liceum
pamiętam go, gdy był jestrze młody
i wąs mu ledwie wystawał zza brody

jestem ja dawnym kolegą
Arama Lorenca, jeszcze z liceum
pamiętam go, gdy był jeszcze w matni
i korki brał, bo słaby był z matmy

przemija trzas, przemija trzas
o jagże on prze mi ja
trzemu tak przemijasz, trzas
odpowie on wymijająco

jestem ja dawnym amantem
Magdy Es terrible enfantem
pamiętam ja, gdy włos jeszcze dugi
i z mego pow popadła we dugi

przenigdy brzask, przenigdy brzask
o czemu tak przenigdy
trzemu tak przenigdy, brzask
odpowie on enigmatycznie

jestem ja dawnym kolegą
Gerarda Nowaka, jeszcze z liceum
pamiętam go, był tak niezaradny
i kto by przypuszczał
że stanie się radnym
Track Name: Inward
when I was very little small
there were so many ants in my balls
and funny how I didn`t know
hours moving in time I let go

one and only Sir Smile on my face
too little room for coins in my brain
deep in the untrivial and the viv`d
I had just one look for all the width

in a long-recalled face I read unterrible truth
I`d been ornamental circumventing all bonehood

I admint thi sminute I grew old
all more unimportant distant songs
shivers come regardless of my notes
and it doesn`t interest anyone

sometimes I`m awake
painful as hell
I cannot back
`cos dreaming is despair
I learn to face the darkness all the way

sometimes i`m aware
of what I could
still see their eyes reflected off the wood
I learn to hold the trust not to go moon

hysterical or more mature
I intend to go inward once more
a church where hours do not flow
disappointment is doors and the path goes beyond

thank God
where all ends and where none can be done
joy astounding
the best is to come
Track Name: Discovery (Part Two)
don't you know the rains are to grow
don't you know there are
ways to love
though it's hard
Track Name: Ineffable
is too much
You can embrace all
one long warm look from aside
Cathedral vastness mingled with all the new
do I remember it all
thank You for what I can`t grasp
thank You for what astounds and frightens at once
thank You for guidance and love
oh Great Love
all above all above all my thoughts

laugh deep in sight
only eyes reveal the smile

caught in elating surprise
never expected nor deserved nor worked on
I`ll have to open some more of me now

I see
what I see
and I see
what I see
let all remain
what lights and overwhelms
and what helps to pray

thank You for what takes me high
thank You for all I can recall to rejoice
thank You for now and for then
thank You for what kept me low
now it turns out to be refreshing and white
I give you all that I have

lead me on
keep me still
more of You
less of me