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released August 1, 2009



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The Soundrops Poznań, Poland

formed in 1999 by the former members of The Round Triangle (ger and paf) along with sister Mrll, gained some local recognition through their acoustic versions of songs by Armia in 2004, since 2006 have released online 20 self-written albums recorded in the kitchen; good job, folks! good job, pastoralrocks! ... more

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Track Name: Acedia
I wake up in the morning and I sleep all day
I let go of the beauty and I`m gaoled in gray
I don`t know how I do it but I`m getting old
I have many more things and i have much less joy

Acedia acedia acedia is on
Arkadia Arkadia Arkadia is gone

I feel like going out but I am watching Friends
and all i was to be`s making much less sense
I don`t know how I do it but I cease to live
I merely carry on in a tuna tin

it`s all my fault, it`s all my fault
I can`t not eat, I fail to pray

The air is going dense and i don`t have time
I`ve had my share of fun and my life should start
my lines are getting shorter
the tree behind my door has become my foe

Acedia acedia acedia is on
Arkadia Arkadia Arkadia is gone
Track Name: A Tenth
a piece of last resort
a shabby act of will
a tiny gust of grace
a fissure of a tear
suddenly amidst all this mud

someone in to love me
summoning to love you

by an unknown saint
by a random good deed
unexpected help, undeserved step
suddenly in my poverty

someone in to love me
summoning to love you

(It is not all right
it is better
it is not all right
it's enough)

perhaps for one more hour
perhaps for one more day
but the load is here to stay
witness childhood`s end
gradually less to be said

someone in to love me
summoning to love you

itsy-bitsy chalamanov tender tenth the angels fast glju
bitten button how about you join me tend the broken joystick
Track Name: Flodigarry
Dun Flodigarry up on the Isle of Skye
Dun Flodigarry under the Northern skies

undisturbing rain
softens the sun
the hills beyond the bay
poke my guitar
and they`re behind
I can hear Kacper shout
happy and full
on the hostel`s bench

Dun Flodigarry up on the Isle of Skye
Dun Flodigarry under the Northern skies

`ve had my share of White Portree`s Bread
`ve had my luck of good hitch-hike talk
and clear skies
unusual for Skye
I am all here
waiting for them

Dun Flodigarry

in future days of pensive mood
these friendly bonds just might go loose
and all this place for all it`s worth
mighty but might not be of help
Track Name: Pansy
mafia mafia, can you sing me a new song?
Armia Armia, can you play me a samba?
do i look from within?
do i get Neverending Sunday?

Italy Italy, are you going away?
lovin` feelin` are you going to stay?
can I change the old man?
can I raise disappointing sunset?

pansy pansy, do you have any sister?
myster y, do you have any mistress?

looming graves, coughing rays
mustn`t wait

falling hair, love is there
mustn`t wait
Track Name: Conversions
getting old - haven`t done a thing
33 - haven`t planted a tree

(got a sea of dreams)

I am offered a drought
I`m forbidden a chair
lurid plans
hard to run
and leave my chest behind
leave Manchester unites
a new Man

heart of stone and windless mind
stomach fool and empty hands
(store so many bars)
(fall from treble cleffs)

I am such an easy goer
and I`m offered toil
help me on
I might stop
and bring Tchaikovsky back
and hire Marchvitzky`s backing vox
I hope not

(mały potwór speaks):
Track Name: Abrupt Unluck Bing
I weigh my way
I cast my past
a glass of June
the air castle barks, the ball is out

I sack my self
I larm my charm
a glass of juice
the telephone rings, it`s Chandler Bing
Track Name: Forbidden
is all poetry? is all grace?
don`t we say a word, the crickets softly blend
the only I can do: share the silence with you

you`ve been thunderingly good to me
inadvertently came out
all right

don`t we say a word, the flowers lushly smell
inside my head
the only I can do: hide the glow from you
thank you
Track Name: Graduates
I cast my shadow to the ground
I will leave it behind and I wish it well
and I too am lying there
right beside him aware I can see the point
didn`t believe
in time
would be hard to link our separate ways

too safe and too polite
seems we can reach that depth but it only seems
we have grown out of us
and we rather remember than think nowatimes
could you please attend
the funeral of your telephone number in my head
Track Name: Laughters
I miss the laughters of old
all the self-mocking jokes
the jester`s cap
the pathos mashed
I miss the sparks in your eyes

I miss the low key of old
your contributions to songs
the ego cut
the stardom flogged
I miss the questions and rows

who will take my pride off?
who will laugh my tears off?
I`m so sensitive recently
I`m so fat and rich pointlessly
Track Name: Town Hill
this path nobody dares
it`a a miracle it`s still there
I`ve entered the meadow
the house afar
the road as it was
the forest behind
is good goodbye
layin` cross the river
brambles and all
I cannot bear
they will be dead
the cars overthere
this path nobody dares

Who created pulsating lights
Track Name: gods
I don`t believe in Beatles
I don`t believe in Soundrops
I don`t believe in Hayward
I don`t believ in trees
I don`t believe in Elves
I don`t believe de Mello
I don`t believe in future
I don`t believe in dreams
I don`t believe in suchar
(I don`t believe in I)
I don`t believe in gigs
(I don`t believe in Me)
I don`t believe in Forum
(I don`t believe in Mine)
I don`t believe in Commune
(tylko Radio Di Drzej)
I don`t believe in pastures
I don`t believe in Sweetheart
Track Name: The Footsong
my feet ask me, my feet drag me
on and on and on
never fail to wander

my sweet Zgliniec, my dear Rrrdziostów
round and round and round
forest village town

2000 trees I haven`t seen and 8
2000 clouds I haven`t reached as yet
I can see a field I am to eat
I can see a storm I am to drink

my heart bribes me, my eyes carry me
on and on and on
never fail to winder
Track Name: Charles Blanket
can you turn up the bass drum?
can you turn up the bass drum?

so see you out there
Track Name: Love Grows Like Hair
true love wakes me up
false love takes me high
true love carries on
false love peters out

false love`s always sure
true love only hopes

I`ve been people in love
people in love are very noisy
hope to prove that real love grows like hair

true love makes me stand
false love makes me mad
true love goes by train
false love uses wings

false love`s always first
true love`s always last

I`ve been people in love
people in love are very noisy
hope to prove that real love grows like hair

the lovesongs are lies!
the lovesongs are lies!
Track Name: Stare Bojanowo (Nowe Bojastaro)
the Wrocław roof, the Rawicz tower
Mosina chimney breaking clouds
the Greater Poland National Park
the clear Puszczykowo skies

safely here before I was
safely past I`ve gone and on

the Poznań Dębiec steady rails
relief upon the railway stairs
the notes on electric wires by birds
the Holy Mass in the Parish Church

much the same over the years
as I get old I treasure these
choosing rock not roll
approaching after all
endless extra time
endless extra time

the window birds around the City Hall
the laughters near Moraska Hill
the Citadel alleyways
the children on the Warta bank

safely here before I was
safely past I`ve gone
and on
Track Name: Pastures Green
He lets me lie on the pastures green
He lets me listen to the music sweet
He lets me count the lambs in teh sky
He lets forget the black sheep afar

I shall not want

to be back here again
to be alone
to try something new
to be young
to keep spirits wild
to be high
for the things to stay
and to change

beyond these hills there is Kingdom Come
behind that aerial there is home
I don`t have to break the wall
all I need is friendship and love

no longer past
I shall not want