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released July 20, 2015




The Soundrops Poznań, Poland

formed in 1999 by the former members of The Round Triangle (ger and paf) along with sister Mrll, gained some local recognition through their acoustic versions of songs by Armia in 2004, since 2006 have released online 20 self-written albums recorded in the kitchen; good job, folks! good job, pastoralrocks! ... more

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Track Name: Trainy Days Again
trainy days are coming, trainy days again
longed-for, long-expected, it was worth the wait
falling on my head
good luck
is an easy bet
a month

trainy days are running from the Masterhouse
much and more is holding out for a surprise
dusted off and strong
of familiar roads
to come

delight is renewed
a postscript to youth
the past is bereft
the best is ahead

trainy days
trainy days
Track Name: In the Swamp
Party's gonna start in a little while
but my world is down
my feet are in the swamp

victory's withdrawn, the day is done
will not dare a touch
though she is stunning black

dandelions on the way up here
three friends in a field
overcoming fear

it was twenty years ago today
it feels the same
'cos loves don't die
wiser through integrity and pain
I'm not the same
so let it shine

I will never cease to wait for you
million smiles apart
it's not a final bye
(wait awhile)

/Kasiu, czy masz może jakąś szmatę, bo Gerard...

and five ages later they return
my forgotten gem
has never lost its twin
hidden at the bottom of the chest
undeserved repast
for the narrow way

even in a million years today
it'll surely stay
'cos loves don't die
safely in escrow at Sacred Heart
the love you make
will always shine

(wait awhile)
Track Name: Later
I may be growing old
but in love I'm always young
you carry me through time
although you are not mine

I still remember
the secrets we shared
we never noticed
the bond that we had

the trees of old have finally grown
the street is empty, the house is dark
we're not that far and the summer's strong
the soul is young and the mystery holds

I still remember
the light that you gave
the nights unspoiled are
never reaching the end

I may be growing old
but in love I'm always young
this fire does not burn
this fire won't go out
Track Name: Little Eternal Things
That day when your haircut was changed
on the other side
that day when you danced in my arms
never to be mine

(little eternal things)

thanks to our brains we think that we think
that's how a class photo you signed
thick and elaborate handwriting, a low voice
very angelic and wise
wise, true

that day when I sang Break On Through
specially for you
that day when I sat between you two
on a wobbly pew

(little eternal things)

love that ve've taken and love that we've made
balanced out and shipped away
but things that were never expected to stay
unnecessary don't fade
fade not

(little eternal things)
Track Name: If Memory Serves Not
this life will never finish
this way will never end
won't do it, won't do it
even if memory serves not
I'll be forgetting things
I'll be forgetting you
it's all right
it will emerge again
on the other side of your tired heart
on the other map near the tree of life
between the river and the market

this love will never finish
this love will ever grow
don't need to
it will come back for real
Track Name: Will Do
I can feel I'm getting old
but it's never on the whole
it's a friendly way
I can sense I'm about to lose
but it's never lost for good
good is always fair

I can hear This Is a Low
yet I'm coming for tomorrow
modern life's not blurred
I'm not dreaming of the past
all the best is going to last
and things don't have to rhyme

I will do

we'll sort of play
we'll sort of play
'till the end

breakfast in head
pastime in depth
laughters and ceps
grow in my head

freedom room
riches wounds
spirit youth

all the countryside within
is much better than the dream
of the days gone by
(peppermint miniskirts chocolate candy)
all the fairyland of love
is much better than the shot
of the fizzy blood

meadows in
mountains in
moors in
Track Name: St.Tree
holy tree
holy by your treeness
teach me up
teach me up

morning sun
holy by your yourness
teach me up
teach me up

want to be me
want to be your me
want to be you
while trying to be me

holy earth
humble with your earthness
teach me low
teach me low
Track Name: Unagi
when I was backpacking in Spain
near Mount Tibidabo
I saw a very beautiful girl
she was bathing
so in a slightly hesitant voice
as I knew it was for real
I told her...

let's go eternal, baby
let's go uphill

(how YOU doin'?)

when I was hitch-hiking on Skye
near Old Man Storr
I saw a clearing among all those clouds
it wasn't raining
there was an angel standing the sun
and in a Moya Brennan voice
he told me...

let's go eternal, baby
let's go uphill

I'm just a very ordinary person
to whom things are happening all the time
I just shrug off the secondary versions
of this life
of this life

when I was half-sleeping at home
near Old Market Square
I saw them all the people I'd lost
they were laughing
though it may seem all Rachel-and-Ross
not all's finite in this world
I know that...

eternity starts here, baby
and it never ends

(how YOU doin'?)

Track Name: Ace Never Active
I can't be with you, but it's all right
it comes and goes
towards the light
I'll step aside
and forget you dreamily
one more nevermind
I'll push you to eternity

you don't know about me, but it's all right
my alien dreams
my forest and my fields
I'll say a word
so unconvincingly
and I'll miss my chance
I'll push you to eternity

it's not written in the stars
not written on the wall
just a little extra heart
to sweeten our souls

it'll evaporate, but it's all right
I'll let it go
and you won't hear a sigh
even from afar
you are such delight
never cried this time
I'll push you to my paradise
Track Name: Riches More Than These
I've got riches more than these
He'll do all instead of me

I am threatened by no moth
threatened by no rust
Needn't worry anymore

Such a broadening of skies
and the pastures inside

Like a lily of the field
Like a sparrow of the sky
I'm about to be carefree
Track Name: Fear And No Fear
love over death
fox on a zebra
kingdom will spread
with fear narrowed down

it's possible to fight it
I don't need to befriend it
there's no good days and bad days
there's fear and no fear

I will come back to living
I'll only clean the within
there is no luck and unluck
there's fear and no fear

the veil will be lifted
from my heart somehow
no circumstances matter
there's fear and no fear
Track Name: The Present
not a very good album
encloses so much
a five-star masterpiece
is nothing but trash

not a very good album
encloses so much
a five-star masterpiece
is nothing but trash
Track Name: Requited
there isn't unrequited love
all the loves are requited in God
you will be rewarded for your heart

there isn't a defeated love
all the loves are victorious in God
you will be rewarded for your pain

there isn't any love that's yours
all the loves belong to God
you will be rewarded for your loss
Track Name: Eternity Hit
eternity's waiting
it whispers aside
consuming the past
confusing my time

eternity's holding
the aces unplayed
remembering well
demanding Amen
Track Name: July
let go
of the things that were
I know
they are there to stay

undamaged, fresh and young
no longer doing harm

let go
of the ones that were
I know
they are not the same

empty playgrounds and empty lakes
different countries and different names
thicker glasses and thinner teeth
longer shadows and longer streets

a day in July
a can among the stars
a train in the field
Now's Most Real

I know
it's time to go
go on
there's more to come

Duszniki and Rivendell
Drop, Rachel and Annette
Jeziorak and Abbey Road
Nanap-neaw and Old Man Storr
(John Lodge)