Dusk (EP)

by The Soundrops

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released May 29, 2011



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The Soundrops Poznań, Poland

formed in 1999 by the former members of The Round Triangle (ger and paf) along with sister Mrll, gained some local recognition through their acoustic versions of songs by Armia in 2004, since 2006 have released online 20 self-written albums recorded in the kitchen; good job, folks! good job, pastoralrocks! ... more

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Track Name: Dusk (Single Version)
sitting all alone
waiting for some love
dusk descending slow

soft and wondrous drone
from the mystical plane
distant kingdoms call
and come

aerials and behind
such a mollient touch
of the latent night

sitting all alone
having lost the sun
I can touch the wall
of dark

should have given more
should have taken more
close my eyes
it feels so cool
de sac

I have got it wrong
(what about my dreams and freedom?)
I have prayed it wrong
wish I could come back tonight
to day

doesn`t anymore
there`s a way beyond
there is above all
I know

I will
Track Name: Ultimates (More Mellotron Mix)
fill me with some ice-cherry coke
before the next song
now when the children have gone to sleep
we`re still young

Room 4 is being filled with more Ultimates
perhaps for the last time
`till all the differences step forward
and tear the unity apart

would you like me to play Pasture 3
or something from The Wall
now when we`ve got rid of two-star ones
we can soar

Room 4 is being filled with the Moody Blues
we`re all Pink tonight
till all the kinks step forward
and tear the community apart

the islands never meet
the truths will never click
the egos wouldn`t heal
the silence must proceed
perhaps we`ll leave a shout
if one of us logs out
it`s always been unreal
so long ago, so clear
Track Name: Skies
seartch for the treasure in the Northern Homestead aloft
seartch for the pasture above all the forests and songs
seartch for the meadow above golden sunflakes to lay down
(the one who lived in this house once)

seartch for the lost chord before you get dumb and deaf-end-street
seartch for Lothlórien before Moria proves all too deep
seartch for a sunset before there are more than two suns
(the one who lived in this house once)