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released August 31, 2012



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The Soundrops Poznań, Poland

formed in 1999 by the former members of The Round Triangle (ger and paf) along with sister Mrll, gained some local recognition through their acoustic versions of songs by Armia in 2004, since 2006 have released online 20 self-written albums recorded in the kitchen; good job, folks! good job, pastoralrocks! ... more

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Track Name: One More Time Up
find it
all the yearning in cycles burning
still me
everybody got changed
there`s a window involving us two
dear we

one more time up

neverending and deepenevening
demolition`s ustained
now or
neverending and undeveloped
oo wee

one more time up

(One More Time An)
this loud
is highever we`re gonna climb it
is as warm as it gets
high time
as embracing these stratching lowlands
Track Name: Long Summer Days
fields and more fields
up the horizon
train slowly train
up to the sky
flat harmless nights
without a jacket
long summer days
that never end

plenty plenty of stars
right before my eyes
to notice
to yestice

Rebecca Hall
Jessica Alba
or lookalikes
just wearing white
hot wedding night
a thousand dancers
long summer days
that never end

plenty plenty of love
right before my eyes
to notice
to yestice
to nosetice
who nose

less stinging pain
for a couple of seconds
some retrieved joy
in a least likely place
suddenly hope
and more is to come
long summer days
that never end
Track Name: Warmwood
help me bear the cross
help me bear some fruit
help me make some love
I can`t do it on my own

I`ve tried so hard
it never worked
my yoke was sour
I mainly failed
I know I`m a worm
I know I`m a nought
I know I`m a child
see to all that

now what`s the plan now where`s the drag`n
throw my sword away
yours is better all the way
Track Name: Life of Lake
the forest exhales the grace of God
the peppermint flies, the railway high
a lazy stroll `midst faraway roar
I`m happy though it`s hard

the things will straighten up at last
the things will straighten up

I know that life`s not light of late
but I can still kick the cones below
and spread some joy, so help me God
Thy Will Be Done
however hard

the crickets conduct a stereo attack
a man teaches his son to swim
my father wants for me out there
it`s real life of lake
Track Name: Omaha Sunset
evening srivning
evening srivning
evening srivning
'ou Renesans
Track Name: Heartstart
haunted, hopeful
open up my eyes
open up my ribs
I`ll be going
to a distant sea

solemn strangeness of this evening
makes me slightly wet
mixture of the beauty out
and sinning in

August starting
I got somethings wrong
I was in the wrong
know me, no me
help me with your light

sullen clouds don`t daunt me now
I`m feeling more up set
mixture of the strength above
and weak end in

broken OK
I am getting strong
I am getting strong
darkness harmless
I am getting whole
Track Name: Wambierzyce
the arrows point
to the church in the valley
I was there once
when things were straight

the thoughts are forced
to the leaf in the gully
I threw it once
it doesn`t go

most things will pass
some oddly remain
and don`t ever rust
I can`t kill this pain
it feels so nice

my goodness gosh, withdraw withdraw
oh hapless hap
it haunts me more

the arrows point
to the church in the valley
I give up my head
and wait for a turn
Track Name: Relinquish
are you not too safe?
are you not too fraid?
it`s not too late to renounce your solid ways
would you agree that you`ve erred?

quit stalling
and love me
quit stalling and love me now
quit stalling and love me
love me love me love me (love me)

torment has to stop
there is always hope
love is relief after all it takes to lift
you needn`t push the cart alone

it won`t be long
don`t make it wrong
and yield to love
Track Name: When
holy is this land unbelievably vast
holy is this wood undeniably good
holy is this month wherein all abounds
the window through

it`s up to the skies
it`s up to the skies

holy is the orchard that`s getting red
holy is the field which is almost done
holy is the love which is meant to be
I know not when

things aren`t too fast
it might be the last
I need to fast
so that it last
Track Name: Is?
is it now, is it forever
is it you
forever leg by leg
who could foresee such joy
and think of such a surprise
our love will never by
our love will never by

the city wakes, she is sleeping
I don`t care
forever no more fear
I can`t recall such joy
and think of other times
we aren`t gonna part
we aren`t gonna part
I know it in my heart
I know it in my heart
Track Name: Rado
Rado Rado Rado everywhere
no noise two morrows
very many songs

sweet smell of pines
healthy images of trees
woods fighting fields
green taking over

green and more green
sun and more sun
she and more her
love love and more love

Rado Rado Rado paper games
P.J. Beatles
very many cows

life can dance
in these woods things grow minute
big men giving up
crosses taking over

you are here
and you are here
who will be
the Nax`t?
Track Name: Yo
I love you
you are sweet and good
you are like you should
you`re a jewel
you`re the jewel I could give all else for
I could give all else for

I see the Heavens shining in your chest
you make me warm
like the fire inside some good friends
you show the way not knowing where to go
you make me thankful
remind me where the wind blows
I am sure He wants me at your door
I can see
love flowing from your window

I hear the music crackling in your heart
you answer high
what I only dare to ask low
you throw away the kingdoms of this world
you are so moonlit
reflect me some more beauty
I am sure He wants me at your door
I can see
love flowing from your window
Track Name: Poem On the Fridge Door
suck the kumara bro
it says I can`t ignore
this kitchen is so o
their worldly

naff off dude all right
never you mind I will
this wisdom is so A!
me able

o o o obedience
is such an canny thing
I wish I heeded more
the poems on the doors

suck the kumara bro
I`ll chew it too and fro
my life can be so in
Track Name: Forever Clouds
though everything changes they keep the same
so canny and hopeful as on that day
then over their reinerz now over my town
then under the Heavens now over my plan

they won`t be forgotten
will never get old
beyond the nostalgia
towards brand old joys
forever clouds

eterning the oar gasm and evening the hill
devouring the willow, deflating the spleen
deleting dementia, disrupting the grave
preserving the jet hug, correcting the train

I shouldn`t have worried, the sky is still blue
the best of my efforts can`t alter the hue
I follow the sparrow in flying on air
I used to be bullied, I`m moving elsewhere
Track Name: Promno
the path goes upwards
from the wooden bus stop
the space to the right
the hills behind the ponds
we go slow

the path goes into
the pinewood downwards
a deer sometimes
the crossroads insignificant
we speed up

having bathed in the lake
we go back by bus
to the garden green
to the summer peak
the next day will be the same
the next and the next
out of school and time
until September strikes

there is a hillock
near the lake untrampled
the shore underneath
the cones in the dark sand
we sit still
Track Name: Life In Abundance
no more reasonably happy
no more quite content
no more barely make it
huge love
huge joy

past living in the belly
past travelling on the air
past raking up the memories
vast space
high hill
life in abundance
Track Name: Toright
to die, teach me to die
I`m selfish and precise
tonight, teach me tonight
I soften up my heart

I give you all my time
that I left and what is left
`cos you put things to rights
I`m ready for a change

at last, goodbye my fields
you`ve been a beautiful bed
I need to wake, goodbye my woods
you`ve been a splendid roof
I need to fly

to die, teach me to die
I`e had enough of me
tonight, teach me tonight
I`m ready for a love